A Life for the Living

"Do not pity the dead, pity the living and above all… those who live without love."

The Gloomy Weather



I don’t know why, but for some strange reason, I enjoy gloomy weather. I love to watch the rain fall, to see the black and grey clouds move gracefully across the sky, to see the wet ground and feel the crisp, cold, damp air. I mean this whole week has been sunny and 106 degrees, its nice to go outside after the rain and feel the change in weather. I love it mostly because it reminds me of this one winter when it never stopped raining, I can never remember that winter as a whole, but I remember my self running though the rain and jumping in puddles. Just an innocent boy, having no worries, no cares, and most importantly just being free. As I look down that dampend street, I see myself again. I remember the trees being exactly the way they are now, almost like nothing has changed…. not true of course, everything has changed. Many of the neighbors have passed; some dying well before their time, many people have moved and gone; some were forced to. Then there is me…. I have changed so much in these past years.

Just like the gloomy weather….


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