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"Do not pity the dead, pity the living and above all… those who live without love."

It’s Just… The 16th Halloween

Many, legends, folktales, and people tell of a persons 16th Halloween to be the most memorable. Some say that after that night, some kids develop supernatural powers, but for the most part it is just a way to get kids to get in the Halloween spirit. Still, I believe that Halloween its self is a very supernatural day in a sense that time and time again, I have seen people changed by this day… morphed into something rather strange that they were not before. Depending on how mature the person was or how much they had to loose, they changed on their 14th, 15th, or 16th Halloween. Also depending on wether they notice it or not, they carry it on for the rest of their lives. Halloween has this sort of magic to it, magic that tests you. Once the time comes, Halloween not only tests your sprit, it tests your love for the one you hold dear, the friendship you share with one special person, and it tests the very person you are. Now, mind you that changing on this day is not always for worse, most of the time it is for the better. If you, like I, think that maturing and finally understanding the world is for the greater good. I personally, have been tested by Halloween in the past year, but I feel as though there is another test on the horizon for this year. Which leads me to conclude that you can be tested more than once by Halloween and fortunately I can tell you that these tests stop after the age of 17 (only by other peoples accounts).

Also, mind you, that there are a certain few who don’t get tested by Halloween, I am rather unsure why…they just don’t. But again, those are the lucky few who are unlike the rest of us (wether it is because of their current circumstance or because of the things they have experienced in the past). Not to say that they are bad, on the contrary, they are the very lucky 1 in a million.

I honestly don’t know why this happens, but it’s just one of those unexplained things. Like how the Earth was created or why the chicken crossed the road. 😀

Sources: Witch


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