A Life for the Living

"Do not pity the dead, pity the living and above all… those who live without love."

It’s Just… Emotions

Im Sertin Asa (Tell My Heart) Lyrics:

Look at me in a moment’s time, I am dreaming

Tricking only myself by waiting for you,

It is difficult without you beside me,

Who am I? In the heart of my dreams, you were in my embrace,

And you lit up my soul, my love

But when I awoke from my sleep, you were no longer beside me

You left quietly, my heart stood and watched in silence

You forgot about me, my light without you is dimming


Tell my heart that you are no longer mine and it should not wait for you

Tell it to forget you so my pain will end

That you left me, not I

Tell my heart,

Tell it to not blame me, for I am not to blame

You took me out of your heart and left me

And I beg you now

Tell my heart,

That you loved me at least once


I gather all my strength to breathe

My heart does not wish it, but some how I live

I am going crazy, missing you

Unaware how, but I forgive you

I beg you to take cure my pain

You lied to me and I am left here alone

You hurt me, my heart now fills with sorrow, my eyes wet

You left me alone and now wait here where you left me

You lost me and my heart is filled with sorrow, my eyes wet


Chorus x2 


Many people deny themselves from feeling; they shut out their emotions because they feel that emotions make them weak. They tell their hearts to stand still and watch horror unravel. They tell their hearts to forget and to not feel. To not feel pain, despair, love, or friendship. But it’s funny how being emotionless is considered an emotion. I personally think that emotions are a beautiful thing; they are a gift and should be treated as such. Having emotions does not mean that you are weak it just means that you are living. It means that you have strength and a power that allows you to see what others do not. But above all, it means that you are you – our emotions have a way of defining what kind of people we are.


Happiness: To feel all is right in the world. To go above and beyond that to just be content. Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times but only if one wishes to find it or if that one still has the will, for happiness is why we are here. Most people search and search (all their lives) for this because it is one of the greatest emotions to feel, for when it is gone, we feel empty and then, sorrow.


Sorrow:  To feel all is wrong in the world. Sorrow has always been with us before Happiness there was Sorrow, for without sorrow, how would we know what happiness is? But sorrow is what makes us strong, it is what we fight with when all is lost. For, again, we strive for happiness… using the power that sorrow gave us to get to it. No one wishes to feel this, but this is one of the emotions that make us human.


Fear:  To feel darkness in all around this world. We fear because we don’t always know what will happen or we know what is about to happen, will lead to sorrow. It is dangerous to live this world in fear, for there is much to fear. It is better to be sorrowful than to fear.


And those are just three emotions I picked from the 100 more that is. A life with no emotion is no life at all. Some are blessed with equal amounts of all, but the rest of us are either cursed from feeling too many or cursed from feeling nothing. Luck to both sides :/

Sources: Im Sertin Asa (Tell My Heart) Lilit Hovhannisyan


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