A Life for the Living

"Do not pity the dead, pity the living and above all… those who live without love."

Hungry, Fat Paragraph

                            Its hard to find a book that is full of action, has a love story, and can relate to teenagers all that the same tome. But recently I read a book called The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins. This is the first book of three in what is called “The Hunger Games” series, which includes Catching Fire and then Mockingjay. It starts of with a girl named Katniss who must play in a game with 22 other people from other parts of the country, including one from her own part – only one can come out. But she is conflicted when a boy, Peeta (who once helped Katniss feed her family) is chosen. How could she kill someone that once gave her food and in this book, food is sort of hard to come by. “Oh, well, I think. There will be twenty-four of us.  Odds are someone else will kill him before I have to.

                            But then she faces another conflict, even though she left Gale (who is her best friend but they both know that they are more that just friends) she still has feelings for him and what makes it worse, she has to pretend to love Peeta to survive. “…I’ve got to give the audience something more to care about. Star-crossed lovers desperate to get home together. Two hearts beating as one. Romance.”  Does Katniss fall fro Peeta in the end? Does she survive the games? Will she ever be the same? The only way to know is if you pick up the book and read it yourself!


Book Cover 


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