A Life for the Living

"Do not pity the dead, pity the living and above all… those who live without love."

It’s Just… One Big Show

The Play is Over:

I remember myself, laying curled up in bed, as you stood dressed in the dark

And then you leave like silent ghost, without any goodbyes

We almost finished writing a book about our love, missing only a few words

Please sit with me, talk with me

I remember the snow falling, slower than usual

And you were like an empty ghost, walking about the room

Soon the sun will sound a new day and echo in the room, start it without me

Do not wake me, free me


This show is over, turn off the lights, then place the periods where they belong

Stop the music, this show is over, happy end


I am going to be the way you never wanted me to be

And please at least do to others what you would not to me

Soon I shall break the last thread between us

As you hold your hand to your eyes, holding your obscure tears, I pray to thee my ex-

Sit with me, talk with me

Chorus x3

I found this song while looking into the contestants for this years Eurovision contest, which is where almost all of the countries in Europe compete to see who is has the best song, artist, and who is the best musically. This particular song is about a relationship ending but I think the lyrics go much deeper than that. All of our lives, we put on this big show about how we want people to perceive our lives and nobody really even knows what goes on or what happens. Everybody just sits and watches this show but almost nobody ever bothers to go behind the curtain. We hold all of the evil crops, dark makeup, and ominous music in the back so that the audience only sees the happiness and the light.

But there is a certain point in time when things just don’t fit behind the curtain, when you run out of all the happy plays, when the orchestra leader gets tired of the same old song. That is the point when the play is over and the lights go out. Honestly, it gets very tiring being, someone you are not, fooling the world everyday and everyone one in it. Putting on this big show like it is of great importance to impress people or keep secrets. But how long can you keep that smile? Eventually things crumble and all of those things you have held for so long unravel. And what happens after?

Well besides everything changing, most people begin to confide in one other person… just one other. Sitting with them, talking with them. But we must be careful in whom we choose to confide in. If we should confide in those who will later abuse this information, then another play will take place. And all the pain you wished to be rid of comes back to haunt you. But the truth is, however many times to avoid making our lives in to scenes from a dramatic movie, it ends up being as such. I believe it is because whenever two humans get together, conflict is something that is unavoidable – ideas clash, thoughts are not accepted, and so on – even if that person should be kin. I mean lets face it, matter how much our plays portray our families as perfect, without conflict and amazing, we know that this is not a truth. Yes some families may differ from others but all families contain flaws. My basic point is, our life is just one big show and one big game. But don’t get caught up in the word you made others think you live in and loose sight of who you really are. For when the show is over, the actors must go back to normal. Right?


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