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"Do not pity the dead, pity the living and above all… those who live without love."

It’s Just…Growing up

I came across this picture while on stumbleupon and it got me thinking about how much I have grown up these past years. Almost like changing into this whole other person – wanting things I have never wanted before, saying things that I have never said before, and being the person I haven’t been before – mostly for the better. Even though I love who I am today, I miss my younger self to the extent where I wish I had never had to grow up but growing up is inevitable isn’t it? To become mature and deal with all these “grown-up” problems, even though I had been trained to deal with the at avery young age. Come to think of it, I have had to grow up much faster than others – an old soul trapped in the body of a youth- remembering that at the age of ten my mind was aged nineteen years, due to just one thought that consumed my entire thought.

Even though my body and mind aged at different rates, I have had to put all my strength into hiding that from others and tried to fit in, because society is cruel to those who should dare to be different. So I rode bikes and played soccer, as a poor attempt to lock my older self in but now I long for those days. I remember myself riding a bike with a couple of my friends down a street under the light drizzle, now I will be lucky if I even have the time to walk outside. It’s all a part of growing up, responsibilities change, hobbies replace themselves and so on. Some leave their favorite sport, some their favorite book, and some their childhood hero (who, depending on the generation, can vary from Superman to Harry Potter). To be honest, you never really leave all those things but you can no longer believe or do those things the way you used to.

The one thing I miss most about my younger self is my young mind – so fresh and new to ideas and never taking “no” for an answer. Back then, every other second I would sprout an idea but now I have to sit for hours to grab a great thought from the air. I think mostly its because as we grow, our minds start to narrow and thinking out of the box become almost impossible. Not only do our minds narrow due to our growth in age, our minds narrow because in this world there is little to no use for imagination. Almost any job that one applies for is something that requires straightforward thinking and has little to no use for thinking outside the box. It is wanted for us to sit at our desks and be trapped there for eternity with a mountain of paperwork.

I mean lets face it, the jobs that require imagination, arts, craftsmanship, or thinking outside the box don’t really pay well or are almost impossible to get into unless you know the right people. That is the cruel truth to this world and I had realized that at a very young age, making me grow older and older by the month. Just one idea that got me thinking about what else the “real world” would be like, and as they say “curiosity killed the cat”. This world is a cruel place to be in, especially the time we live in now but we must all live here including myself. Me being Just Oh So Oso. 😉


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One response to “It’s Just…Growing up

  1. Unknown March 27, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    I like this one as well :)))

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