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It’s Just… An Idea

I was watching a couple of TED Talks when I came across a rather interesting one by Jonathan Drori about what we think we know. The TED Talk was interesting but there was actually a quote that sparked my thinking to do this weeks Bi-Weekly reader on ideas and here is that quote:

“Be very, very careful what you put in that head because you will never, ever get it out.”
― Thomas Cardinal Wolsey

It’s kind of funny because I formed an idea about how ideas themselves are formed and how they affect us to become the people we are. I found, in my rather short time of being on this earth, that a human is no more that a combination of about a hundred other humans. One becomes influenced by another by passing good ideas but mostly it is the bad ones that make us we are. The bad ideas being those that tell us to favor something over another and usually those ideas stick better than the good ones. I mean think about it, any idea that is created is a sort of contradiction to the other, even this one is a slap in the face to people that think we are born a person and nothing can change and/or effect us. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but this is what I found to make the most sense. So I began by thinking of an idea like a virus, sticking to someone’s brain like a tick, and no matter how hard you try to get rid of it, it sometimes ends up going deeper than it was before.

Well you could contradict that and say that you don’t have to keep an idea in your head if you don’t want to and that false ideas are easy to get rid of because they are untrue. But I find that to be wrong A lot of the times when you try and get rid of an idea, there are still traces left behind in your brain and all you need is a little trigger to spark the idea, even the false ones. For example, lets say that I said a certain computer brand that you like is terrible waste of money that crashes every single day. You can argue with me all you want and throw out that idea like yesterdays trash but if that computer should crash even once, my idea begins to grow again and you start to think I was right. Soon you start to hate that computer brand and every time it does something wrong or something that is not to your liking, my idea comes back and now the brand you ‘loved’ now becomes the brand you ‘liked’. Crazy isn’t it?

Ok so lets say that my theory is true and that we all share ideas, making us the people we are. Next I thought, “Well if we all share the same thoughts and ideas, why don’t humans get along? Why do we find it so hard to relate to one another when to thoughts are the same? Why is it that one person pleases us but the next bothers us?” I came to this conclusion: there are over a million ideas in this world right? So, not all of us can have every single one of those ideas. Each family has their set of ideas that they use to raise their kids and so we go into the world only being able to relate to a certain type of human. Now there are some people (psychologists, teachers, etc.) that are able to relate to any and all types of human beings, but that does not necessarily mean they are able to get along with all humans because understanding a person is only the first step in getting along when them.

It’s sort of interesting that this quote got me thinking about all this. I just sort of connected one thing to another and came out to this idea of how ideas. Now I don’t know if this is right or wrong, but that is the beauty of ideas they are not really there to prove fact from fiction, they are there to spark your mind. I love to sit and think about all this stuff, you know, why we are human and all that… that is what makes me oh so OSO 😉


TED Talk

Idea Picture


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