A Life for the Living

"Do not pity the dead, pity the living and above all… those who live without love."

It’s Just… The End

They say that all good things must eventually come to their end and now it is time to say good bye to this wonderful school year. The year was filled with up’s and down’s and I think if it wasent for this class, I wouldn’t be able to get through the year. You see, we would have such meaningful conversations that made me understand life more than I already do and for some reason they always related somehow to what I was going through. But besides the wonderful conversations we had I loved the books that we read because each one had something to teach us and each one made me tweak my morals. Reading in this class not only bettered me morally but also it got me reading other books that were not assigned. When I was a kid I loved to read and over the years I lost that love but most recently (due to this class) I have found that love again and I hope to never loose it.

The blogs were probably my favorite part of Ms. Lahaises class just because neither of my past English classes had an ongoing assignment that was all about getting in touch with the world and, most importantly, with yourself. I can say that if it was for my expressing myself over these blog posts, I would have probably lost my mind this year. In extension, ever since I have been writing in this class (blog posts, journals, essays) my writing has dramatically improved and I have found myself to be an (amateur) writer. I always sort of knew that I had a passion for the written word but in this class I discovered my mediocre talent that I hope to improve it as I should continue with this class.

For many people in Ms. Lahaises class, this will be their final blog post and they are going to leave their blogs (as well as the class) forever but I am thankful not to be one of those people. I am glad that I will be continuing on with this class, with the great books that we read, with the great blogs that we write, with the exciting conversations we have, and the interesting TED talks that we watch. For this class is unlike any other I have encountered and I hope it stays as such when I come back to it next year. So, farewell until then and I hope next year you will still remember me being, Oh So OSO 😉


Goodbye Picture


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