A Life for the Living

"Do not pity the dead, pity the living and above all… those who live without love."

Past? or Future?

I came across this picture while on Stumble-upon and its message seemed to speak to me. All our lives we are told “your future lies in your past” or “the past is the stepping stones to the future” or my personal favorite “if you know where you have been, you will know where you are going” but whoever is saying those general comments don’t realize that its more than just that. The past doesn’t tells you where you are going, it tells you where not to go and these quotes are all implying that you will know your future because it is in your past. The quote above is more accurate, “Dwell not on the past use it to illustrate a point and leave it behind” that is all there is to it. Use the past like a pair of sunglasses, only use it when necessary and don’t use it when it’s not needed.

Everybody’s pasts are full of dark and light memories and they both have great impacts on us. The good memories remind us that life isn’t so cruel, that life can be beautiful sometimes, that in all the darkness that exists there can sometimes be a light. The dark memories remind us the keep ourselves reserved, to protect ourselves from the rising evils that threaten our well being, to change ourselves and help us adapt in order for us to survive this wretched world. In order to remember our past properly, we must remember both light and dark that is behind us. If only the light is remembered, one will go through life naively and if only the dark is remembered, one will go through life and become unsuccessful. There is a certain balance to uphold but most of the time we don’t even have to think about keeping the balance – almost like breathing – the only exception to that is love and we all know how love seems to cloud our judgment.

Some live in the past, which is unwise. Just like it says, use it only to illustrate a point and move on. In my opinion, dwelling on the past is unwise that is why I write in a journal and keep it put behind me in a box. Sometimes I will go back and use the past as a battering ram into my future or sometimes I will go back and remind myself not to make those mistakes. The past holds a huge amount of significance but so does the present. Living for the past or living for the future is pointless. Live for just right now, the dark times and the light ones. Go through life being spontaneous and making choices that seem right. I believe that we each have a certain design set for us – fate, destiny, or whatever you want to call it – and in the end we will all find our rightful place, even if that place does not make us happy. So technically since your done reading this, it is considered to be in the past now, it’s your choice to remember this whole this or not. But remember this regardless, “Life is kind, life is cruel, but life is short. Look to the past to help guide you to your future but don’t let your past become your future.” Some wise words, because I am just Oh So Oso.




One response to “Past? or Future?

  1. allisonte November 1, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    I absolutely love this blog post. I agree that people use their difficult pasts as a way to stop themselves from excelling in their future. It’s easy to remember the bad times rather than the good times, something most people in society are guilty of.

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