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"Do not pity the dead, pity the living and above all… those who live without love."

Isolate [Yourself]

I was moving through some blogs and I came across this article, which sort of caught my eye. This article was about how Ron Paul wanted to actually resurrect the idea of isolationism. America had isolated itself many years ago during Word War II and many times afterward to evade communism and other issues but I couldn’t wrap my head around America being isolated and I took it even one step farther and related it to humans.

So I thought to myself, why is it that humans choose to be alone? Why do some insist on isolating themselves? Is it out of fear from the world? Are they scared that they will not survive? The answer is somewhat simple, we isolate ourselves because we cannot or do not fit in. We do it to ourselves in order to evade judgment and ridicule. But many do not fear judgment in fact they welcome it. Judgment feeds their egos and it allows them to grow as people, making them a stronger person in order to survive the darkness that lies ahead. No matter how much someone should try and avoid judgment, there is no escape. This world is one filled with much judgment and loads of heartbreak.

We must avoid isolating ourselves by simply trusting and throwing ourselves into the unknown dark abyss that lies ahead. Nothing good ever does come from being alone and many who are alone wish they weren’t but by the time they realize it, its too late. At that point they feel like they are lost, not knowing where home is. They realize that they have lost everything near and dear to them and that they can never be at peace with themselves or even at least remotely happy. To isolate yourself is a dangerous game, like playing with fire





2 responses to “Isolate [Yourself]

  1. andrewhu November 30, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    I disagree with your statement that humans choose to isolate themselves. It is true that some people tend to be alone more than others, however this is usually done as a result of being forced into isolationism, not choosing to to be cast in the shadows.

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