A Life for the Living

"Do not pity the dead, pity the living and above all… those who live without love."

Things You’ve Felt…

So I came across this article while on StumblUpon and it sort-of opened my eyes. It lists 10 psychological states that someone has felt but has never found something to call it. I will just give you a quick summary of a couple of them.

Dysphoria: is used to describe the feeling of sadness that also includes restlessness and random irritation. This emotion is usually the cause of deppression, a distressing situation, or extreme bordem.

Enthrallment: the feeling a step up from happiness. A feeling that uplifts you and raises your mood tremendously. This emotion is usually felt when you see something amazing or great for the first time like a concert or a rocket taking off.

Normopathy: this idea was created to describe the need to be “normal” or the need to fit in with everybody else. Many people experience this, even if it is very minor, at various point in their life while trying to blend in a new social surrounding or while trying to hide practices they preform which most people would condemn.

Abjection: this is an emotion which is felt by every human durring infancy when you come to the realization that your body is seperate from your mothers. As a result we have a sense of horror that we carry with us throught our lives. This feeling is also later felt when you see a dead body because you realize that the person laying there could be you.

Sublimation: was created to describe the use of sexual desire towards doing something productive. This is usually felt when you have that weird intense passionate feeling to write or do what you are good at.

It is interesting that while we feel these feelings very frequently, we dont even know what they are called. I am glad I read this article because now I can call my feelings something because for some reason it always interests people. “Whats wrong” they ask, so now I can answer “Nothing. Im Dysphoic” or “Nothing I am just Enthralled”.





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