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Hack Your Brain

Oh my how I adore StumblUpon! This time while stumbling upon websites I came across one that was rather interesting. It was all about how to “hack your brain” as they described it and it was something I really needed actually. You see some people, like myself, are bombarded with millions of thoughts. If I were to keep track on paper of all the thoughts that ran thought my head in five minutes, it would fill over ten pages front and back. You see, it’s a sort of curse that courses though my body. Although it give me the ability to expect the unexpected, I find my brain thinking the same things over and over again and sometimes it feels like my brain is about to fry. I find myself not being able to find peace because there is always something on my mind and even if I write it down or talk about it; whatever is on my mind sticks there. Forever. Sometimes there seems to be no room for anything else. So you can imagine my relief when finding this article.

So the first method it speaks of is called priming your brain, which involves associating a certain, feeling with a word or repeating a set of words to get you on to that track of thinking. Like saying, “I don’t need that extra piece of pie” but I guess it only works when saying it out loud and actually seeing the phrase in front of you. Taking it even further, you can “hack” your brain to associate certain objects with certain feelings but the article says that you can’t make yourself do what you don’t want to. So your emotions cannot get in the way but it also contradicts itself, describing how you can channel your emotions to feel a certain way. With all that said I think I am going to try this out myself. Maybe I can teach myself to forget things that have past but if I am thinking about it, I’m not really forgetting am I?

That’s what I hate about all of these psychological theories and methods. They all contradict one another and nothing is ever certain. I feel like you can really do anything and there are no boundaries or limitations. Although in this article they set up certain cannot and do not rules but they go on to contradict themselves and reveal loopholes. So there is really no solid way to hack your brain, its all trial and error. I also feel like if you know all of this information then you know you are hacking your brain and if you know, is it really working? It’s like knowingly taking a placebo, does it or will it rally work in that case? Again its hard to say and it seems like nothing is for certain, but I am going to try these out and see what I come out with. Someone was able to hack my brain once so lets see if I am able to do it myself






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