A Life for the Living

"Do not pity the dead, pity the living and above all… those who live without love."


salvador-dali-melting-clocksOne of my friends actually sent this article to me, knowing that I would be very interested in the subject. This article is all about how you can distort and filter the way your brain picks up information as well as choosing which information to pick up. And then it goes on to list the tell-tale signs of hidden anger. I am unsure why they are on the same page but its ironic that they should be. Recently, things have been up in the air with the people I deal with on a daily basis and when I read this list, I was able to further understand those people. I looked at a couple in particular.

— Being Right: When someone is continuously trying to prove that they are right. Even if they know that there is the slightest possibility that they are wrong, they know in their mind that it is unthinkable for them to be wrong. So they will go to any lengths to demonstrate that they are indeed right.

— Fallacy of Fairness: When someone is resentful because they think they know what is right and what is fair but that might not be the case. Still, that person cant help but feel resentful because they feel that what they know is fair when other people might disagree.

— Personalization: When someone thinks that everything people talk about or whatever they do, is some kind of reaction to them. They think that everything someone how connects to them. They also compare themselves to others, seeing so is smarter or who is better looking.

It’s hard to deal with those certain types of distorted thinking. Although most of us have moments when we become one of the above, there are people out there who live with this filter full force and it gets to you a little bit you know? It’s like how many times can you fight with someone that they just might be wrong or that although some people dont agree, what you think is fair, or worse when someone is constantly thinking that you are doing or talking something about them. How many times can you keep reassuring that person that you aren’t talking about them? And what if you can’t one day? What happens? To be honest, I can deal with a lot of different personalities but sometimes it just gets to you. Even then… I don’t know. I just feel in a daze of some sort. At another glance through the list, I picked out the filters that I personally apply to my self.

—Fallacy of Change: When someone expects that other people with change inorder to suit them. They think that if with time and with enough right amount of pressure that others will change eventually. These people feel that need to change others to suit them because they think that their happiness depends entirely on the other person.

—Blaming: When someone holds another person responsible for their pain and that the other person is the only one who can reverse it. Or they blame the pain on themselves and try to find a reversal within themselves.

—Mind Reading: When someone, without anybody saying anything, knows what other people are feeling. They know why they are feeling as such and why they act the way they do. To be even more specific they are able to feel how another feels towards them.

To be honest, the last one doesn’t seem like a way of thinking. It seems more of a gift and there are a couple more on the list that seem more like just gifts. Anyway, these distorted ways of thinking actually come in handy some what. Some of them just seem distorted but others seem like they sort of enhance your way of thinking and help you to look past whats on the surface. So what might seem distorted might actually be just an enhancement.





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